March 3, 2007

More Reasons to Love Saturdays

Did you miss the seething anger I expressed in blog posts long past?

1) first thing said to me by a co-worker: "Whoa, someone was loaded last night!" (Last night I went straight home after work, and was in bed by 11. Thanks. I let him know that he's really not allowed to talk to me anymore.)

2) I had to force my lunch break. No, really. I wasn't going to get one otherwise (Yeah, this is illegal).

Oh, it gets better! Update at 4pm:
3) I have a coworker who keeps BLATANTLY interrupting me. A customer walks through the front door and I begin to direct them and he RUNS (not an exaggeration) across the showroom to begin to talk over me so that he can tell them exactly what I was going to. No "Excuse me," no need to clarify anything. Just being an ass. Mr. Carload? You are not more important than me, and you are sure as Hell not smarter than me.

4) I am pretty much ready to kill people.

I cannot make the service department pick up the phone. That voice mail box that you get? Leave a message. That is what it is there for. There is not a party, spa day, or any real fun back there. They don't answer the phone because they are all either ON the phone already, or with customers. Sure you can get mad at me, but that will only make it harder to get through to them. Don't believe me? Try again. What? You want to talk to one of the 'regular' managers? They will send your call back to me and say, "This person is calling for service -"

Same goes for you, Lady who called 6 times for Mr. Roper. If her were able to take your call at some point in those 10 minutes I'm sure he would have. I know that you have gotten his voice mail because I sent you to his cell phone. Did you need to talk to someone right now, because that would fall under the "Would you like to speak with someone else who might be able to help?" category.

And Ms. Freeman, even though you called last night I am still mad at you too. When I talked to you and your licence plates weren't ready I told you to call and talk with the title clerk on Monday, even though your temp plates are still current, and you only JUST enetered the window of time in which they normally arrive. So you called your salesman who - surprise!!! came to ME to see if your plates are ready. NO? TEN MINUTES DIDN'T CHANGE THAT??? HOLYFUCK! So I told him to tell you that "you'll have to call the title clerk on Monday, just like you had to 10 minutes ago." I'm not sure if he used those exact words, but I sure hope so. Especially since you called AGAIN after that.

Pissing me off DOES NOT make your life as an owner of a new vehicle any easier.

For Real.

I am feeling moments away from quitting this job. Seconds. Nano-seconds.

Deep calming breaths.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! This wasn't the car dealership, by any chance, was it?

Emily said...

I'll be there the last week of March. Sam and I were talking about going to Austin for a day or two, though. Either way, let's try to get together!

PS - sorry about your shitty day. I suggest a boxing match with your pillow when you get home. Trust me, it helps.

Madge said...

Yeah, Ms. Freeman, take that you dumbdumb!