June 14, 2018

Complicated Feelings About My Legs

My husband loves my legs. Strong, sturdy thighs and thick calves from years of riding horses.
When I was younger, I didn't like to show them off, because I was self conscious of the stretch marks on my thighs.
The purple veins that are now visible are a timeline documenting years of hard for on my feet. Carrying trays of food, bales of hay; carrying the weight of pregnancy; carrying around small children.
I'm not a fan of the purple lines and reddish splotches, but if I have them removed, does it erase all of the hard work these legs have put in for me?
What makes them different from the wrinkles around my eyes, the occasional gray hair, or the sun spots on my cheeks?

June 13, 2018

Big Girl's Best Day Ever

Yesterday was an epic day for the four year old. She and Little Sister rode in the bike trailer to drop of Little Sister at Mother's Day Out, then Big Sister and I rode on to the playground with a breakfast picnic and play time. First we were farting pirates, then she was a mermaid mother-to-be and I was a mermaid midwife. After our ride home and some quick garden chores, we both went for haircuts, she got P. Terry's for lunch (with a lemonade!), and we baked cupcakes in the afternoon.

I'm still exhausted!

June 7, 2018


First there was a journal, then this blog, then Facebook, then Instagram. My format for expression has been getting more and more succinct.

I miss writing, though, even if there is no one to read it. I have been lucky enough to be really productive creatively recently. I felt like I needed to come back here.

To re-cap the last five years: I had two daughters, Emma died two years ago, at fourteen, and Faux Pas died a year and a half ago, at twenty-six. We took in a smaller older dog, got a flock of hens, and a betta. I have a fairly large garden where I prefer to spend my time. I cook a lot, drink a lot less than I used to, work from home while I care for the girls. I take voice lessons once a week, but I am not comfortable singing in front of people yet. Recently, I started a project to replace my wardrobe with hand-made items.

Talk to you soon.