January 21, 2019

I managed THREE servings of greens. Go me!

Today my big girl called porcupines "pine cones." I never want to forget it. 

I finished making a pair of pants, and I do not like the (lack of) fit. I'm taking them to sewing group in a few minutes. In the mean-time, I am listening to The Republic Tiger's Keep Color. I have listened to this album HUNDREDS of times. It was what I used to get my big girl to sleep when she was an infant, and not so great of a sleeper. Before that I enjoyed it as part of my music collection from it's release date. It makes me think of both the shack we lived in, and the hours spent holding my child and swaying in her dark bedroom, trying to coax sleep, sometimes desperately. 

January 20, 2019

Gig Life

Thursday I realized that I actually feel really good about all of this.

That morning I dropped the little girl off at Mother's Day Out and headed over to a job where I am helping with administrative and organizational work on a extremely part-time basis. I worked for about three hours, picked up the girls and took them to the Austin Nature and Science Center where we saw rescued animals and went for a short hike down to Barton Creek. We befriended another toddler girl and played with her until it was time to head home.

Today I fed horses and cleaned stalls for 5 hours. It was cold, quiet, and dusty.

I haven't quite figured out what Sundays are supposed to be like. I have a weird guilt about being out of the house and leaving my husband to handle the girls all day, but I solo parent on a daily basis. Additionally, I sort of expect a handoff of responsibility on weekdays when he gets home from work, and I don't really grant him any recovery time, but that is all I want when I get back into the house: a couple of minutes to eat lunch and recalibrate.

I am not constantly creating, but I feel that my creative batteries are charged. I have so much motivation, but not enough time! Hopefully I'll be able to work on getting these 6+ ideas out of my head and get some gardening done this week. I brought home a bunch of paper feed bags and some thin cardboard from the farm to act as biodegradable weed block. I also need to start seeds for things like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, and direct seed leeks, escarole, more beets, more carrots, and more radishes (I have been eating so many of them lately, roasted with parmesan cheese or in a spicy sweet soy glaze).

Personal goal for tomorrow is to find a way to work fresh greens into two meals. I have baby swiss chard in the fridge for a green smoothie. I had thoughts of mixing with strawberry chia pudding as a smoothie bowl, but I think the red and green combo will be unappetizing. Maybe the second meal with be with dinner? We're having tofu caulirice stirfry.

Off to log some admin hours, and hopefully finish a pair of pants + get a look at the blood moon.

January 13, 2019

Damn Life is Funny

The end of 2018 sucked. There is no way around it. My dad wound up in the hospital FOR FOUR WEEKS.Several days in ICU. The day after my last post I was laid off. I had a bunch of potential leads for new gigs but none of the people had any urgency. It was dark.

It took me a while to find my personal laptop after returning the one I'd used for work so long. Any post during that time, and there were many swirling in my head, would have been bleak. I was in emotional survival mode.

This weekend things turned around. My Music Together class started last week. I am teaching my first full class alone on Tuesday. Today, I started working for a friend cleaning stalls at the barn where I previously boarded Faux Pas. She has already tried to get me to buy a horse. Good thing I'm only out there in the mornings on weekends! I haven't lost my touch in the two years that have passed since Faux Pas' death. I am still a fast and efficient stall cleaner. Horses still like me.

This week I also start working with a local maker space helping with communication to clients and organizing the physical space. I'm looking forward to flexing that muscle with the hopes that it carries over into my home more.

It occurred to me today that all three job are with women-owned businesses. I think that's pretty bad ass, and it feels good to be valuable.

At home? I keep remembering to feed the dogs, and my garden and yard are going to look pretty good at this rate. I just haven't been able to figure out what my new routine is yet. I got laid off 3 days before Bonnie's school went on break, then there were holidays, then school resumed, but they hadn't gone to the extended schedule yet. Now here I am getting my side hustles going and they will all effect my routine. Whew! It's a bit like behind Dorothy in the funnel cloud!