December 7, 2018

Boring Mama BS

On today's episode of Hippie Supermom's Home, I am stripping diapers in boiling water. Super fun! There was some ammonia build up that was irritating my girl's skin. But the boiling water is actually keeping the kitchen a really nice temperature while it is damp and cold outside.  I have a goal to have my shit together by January, haha.

I am trying to get myself back into a familiar groove - back to cloth diapering, back to meal planning, back to daily laundry loads - all glamorous, I know! But if I can wash daily, plan meals, and run the dishwasher each night, everything feels calmer and easier to handle. Cloth diapering means less garbage, less money spent. Meal planning means less stress and less money spent at the store, eating out, and on gas for ANOTHER trip to the store.

Anyway, diapers. Little Sister will be back in the tomorrow, barring school (half a day, two days a week), baby sitters, and overnight. I may get another clothesline to add in some sunlight sanitation. I don't really want to do this again any time soon.

December 5, 2018

Yesterday was really optimistic.

I got to wear a pair of linen pants I finished making Monday night. They are really good looking, even though they are elastic-back! I'm already planning a second pair. My hair even looked good! I felt very well put-together.

I am starting a new gig teaching Music Together (in addition to my current job), and yesterday was my first demo co-teaching. A hard of hearing mother brought her two young children and I got to sign some, and I spent a half hour singing with babies and toddlers. So good!

Later in the day I found myself considering going back into the ACC interpreter program I was in back in high school to improve my sign, and possibly have another career opportunity. I was happy.

This morning I realized that the main thing that is different since I lost weight is that I am cold all of the time! I used to be really tolerant of cold weather, now I am wearing sweatshirts and fuzzy socks inside when it is in the 40s outside.

November 19, 2018

Missed Connection

Too often, I am noticing sweet details left behind by my big girl, too late. Tonight dinner was rushed and thrown together. I wasn't hungry, and I was trying to get the little girl to bed early so I could make it to the grocery store for Thanksgiving necessities before my husband had to leave to help a friend. I sat at the dinner table with my family, distracted and finishing a grocery list. The big girl had gotten herself a place setting - a circular braided fiber mat, a coral colored cloth napkin with gold polka-dots, a retro crocheted rust and cream color trivet under a blue and white ceramic coaster for her drink. It is a miracle her drink did not spill. It was all so meticulously placed. My heart explodes a little at the joy she brought herself with this setting. At dinner I let her put her own parmesan on her pasta, and while I was in the kitchen wrapping things up, her little sister yelled about wanting some too. When I returned to the dining room, the big girl had carefully shaken out a reasonable amount onto her sister's meal. It was such a sweet gesture. A part of me wants to wake her up and tell her, "I am so proud of the thoughtful and kind person you are!" but I have a personal rule that you never wake a sleeping baby unless there is an emergency. Four years is totally a baby. Plus, it's a totally dick move to wake anyone up when it's not an emergency, if they didn't ask you to.