January 19, 2006

At this point, despite Madge's reminder, I cannot remember what all I thought I would write about. Here is what I can tell you:

I have gone out several times with the very ambitious guy who made me feel like a loser, and now I do not feel bad when I am around him.

I have been on something like a blind date with a very shy guy named Gabe, who just happens to live next door to a co-worker of mine.

I talked shit about a local bar owner to her daughter, not realizing they were related, and then didn't back down or put my foot in my mouth when I found out they were. Instead I said, "Well, this is what people are saying about your mother and the bar."

I am going to pick up Faux Pas this weekend.

My sister is back in the hospital. Let's all cross our fingers and hope that the headaches go away quickly this time.

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