January 19, 2006

Breakup Theory

Of course Ex #1 is trying to find out what exactly went wrong. If he can pin point the problem he will know how to fix it.
I try not to make light of this too often, however, these are my two favorite theories as to why we went wrong:

1) I am questioning my sexuality. He actually said to me, "You've seen that movie But I'm a Cheerleader.."

2)I have a drinking problem. Our whole breakup can be blamed on my desire to go out and get hammered with my friends. I lost control. Because I no longer had it some one must be exerting control over me instead. It must have been him. In this scenario he was never controlling, it was my drinking problem.

Lauren's response to number two was, "Does he even know what your name is?"

I walked into theory number two. I had just quoted a song we both know well, "If you were here I would admit that I am an asshole." - The Poison, Pedro The Lion Which is about drinking. It's true I've been drinking more, but only since I got home. I didn't drink like this in Dallas. The reason I do now is because I can't stand to be at home by myself, and every time I meet up with someone they want to go out for drinks. We are old enough to drink now, so I guess we are going to do a whole hell of a lot of it.
I could say no, and have, but in the end I am still drinking more than I did.

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