March 14, 2005

Last week Millie was taken to a new home after recovering from another fight on March 3rd. I miss her happy-go-lucky attitude, her constant grin and her "squishy belly" which had it's very own chant - "Squishy belly, squishy belly, squishy belly - HEY!" Her last week with us was full of fun and doting on her. Emma went to stay with Gabe's parents after continually trying to get Millie despite the muzzle and Millie got to break all of the rules. I think Millie ate more treats last week than she's had all year, and she was allowed upstairs and allowed to sleep with us. We talked and snuggled with her a lot, cried a lot and told her how much we love her.

On Thursday Ex. #1 decided that he couldn't handle being the one to drive Millie to the new house so instead he went out to work on music and I got to take her. I had given her a bath, washed all of her toys and cleaned out her crate. She knew that there was something wrong and wouldn't eat that day. About 10 pm I drove South to the house of a guy we work with and got Millie out of the car. I had tied a bandana around her neck with and ice cream cone design on it, and had written his two young daughters a note about all of Millie's favorite things.

When Millie and I entered the house it filled with the sound of little girls giggling. His daughters are 5 and 6 and this is their first dog. I taught them Millie's tricks and had them give her treats. I told them about her toys and how much she loves to play. I could tell that they loved her immediately and reluctantly left, even though I knew that things were going to work out.

I sobbed all of the way home. All that I could think of is the beat up puppy who found us over half a year ago, who did nothing but love us and even loved Emma despite the abuse she received from her. I thought about all the snuggling we did when it was just me and the girls in Austin, and how when she got so excited while playing the she just couldn't stand it anymore she would spin around in a circle, normally three full turns, before she blissfully flopped onto her side in the grass. I still think about how much Ex. #1 is hurting. This is the first time he's ever had to let go of something he's loved and I don't think that he has decided yet how to react.

My house is cleaner now that my long haired dog is gone and Emma is back and her self again. Interacting with Emma you would never guess that she is capable of the damage I've seen her do. She seems to miss Millie, but she also seems a little bit happier. My heart is broken, but I know that if we had continued to try and figure out a way to keep both pets one would have wound up dead instead of down the street - but my heart is broken.

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