March 2, 2005

Ever want to ask someone if they're mad at you, but don't really want to have the conversation that would follow? I think that Ex. #1 is mad at me, but I can't figure out why he would be. He's been touchy all day, I just can't think of anything I might have done, so I am guessing that he is tried because he didn't feel well last night, and we went to bed late. I just get nervous since we haven't had any of the loud fights that we used to, but if we were to fight, I have no one to stay with - though I would try and keep that from making me stay if it were a bad fight.

Today is just off. I don't feel like I did well on a test, and I found out that an old friend of mine killed himself. It made me sad that the friend who called to tell me did so because she thought that no one else would.

Not only that but they sent me home from work today because I didn't have my TABC certification done. I've been sitting at my computer for four hours now trying to finish the program. It is so repetitive that it could be shaved down to an hour and a half. I know that there are a lot of idiots out there, but they should give us a choice so that those of us who have an average IQ don't have to suffer.

I'm tired.

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