February 3, 2005

Emmable Lector

Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I like my dogs, and I want to be able to keep them both alive. So when the dog fighting continued, including a fight the other night that required both me and Ex. #1 to pull apart, his feet on Emma's chest, me pulling her jaws apart to make her release Millie, I knew that we had to do something. I called Sam in tears and she offered to take Millie for a while, but I knew that Ex. #1's heart would be broken. Last night I was telling my friend Lauren about it when Ex. #1 said "We should just muzzle Emma." THAT'S IT! He bought a nice soft nylon muzzle and it has pretty much stopped the problem. Emma doesn't have to wear it all of the time, but she does have to wear it when she's going to be around Millie. So far she has tried to bite Millie twice, and both times it has stopped her as soon as she could get her mouth open. Until I can find some training this'll do.

When we come home Ex. #1 says, "Are the lambs crying Emma?"
OR we talk about her ninja moves, because it's black and covers her face like a ninja's.

Is this bad?

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