March 16, 2007

Dive into my Stream of Concoiusness

-like an audio-post, but less noisy-

I am feeling both melancorley and giddy-in-love (with Mr. Adventure) today. Go figure. Back on the pill Sunday so that the moody-craziness and excessive acne will stop. I do dig the giddy-in-love though.

Lauren is coming over for drinking tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we remember to include singing our drunk set-list. Fingers crossed twice that the neighbors don't file a noise complaint.

I wish I had something outside to sit on in the dark that my legs would hang off of so that I can swing them. A pier? Toes scraping across the water's surface would be nice.

DZ (David) is in town for the weekend - HE IS MOVING TO AUSTIN SOON! So I am trying to find a way to hook up with him at sometime. He is on my Top 10 Best People of All Time list. He's so fucking cool and damn funny, too. He's on my Top 6 People I Miss in Dallas list too. I am so glad he's going to stay here.

HAVE LAUREN OR I MENTIONED THAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE DAMIEN RICE MAY 9TH? We are! Isn't it exciting? I am so excited. Expect a re-post of my letter (You know, just in case), and lots of talk of it later.

Stemming from that - Mr. A's celebrity crush (I call her his TV girlfriend) is Kari Byron, from MYTHBUSTERS. Mine is Damien Rice - can't help it! He's Irish (Where'd'ya think 'Corley' came from? Notice my drinking abilities? Not an accident), attractive, apparently has been heartbroken, plays guitar and piano, and sings incredibly - which is what REALLY gets me right in the celebrity-crush epicenter.

I wish I were listening to The Postal Service right now. Fixed that. Such Great Heights makes me feel empty inside and very confused. I enjoy it like I do Boys on the Side, but it brings lots of Dallas feelings with it.

I really want to have a cigarette right now. Just sit outside, smoke, and listen - maybe the train would come by. Remember my perfect day (second half of post)? Trains and cigarettes would happen just before I went to the Avery Island house.

I just really want a cigarette, mostly.

There is a flock of feral parakeets in this part of Austin.

I could probably tell you all where 'The Q' came from, and I could create those previously mentioned lists.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Madge said...

Is your name from a James Joyce story?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!