January 12, 2006

Lost in Prayer

Why did no one tell me when I left Ex #1 that everyone was getting married or involved?

Don't take this the wrong way- I am not looking for a boyfriend. Right now I am satisfied with attraction.

Half of my class from PHS is married or engaged. The guy I had hopes for a date with is seeing someone.

None of this is going right. That guy I had agreed to meet that my mom knows? Her friend, who was supposed to set things up, is leaving the law firm next week.

I am not going back to UT this semester. I missed my deadline.

Most ridiculous thing ever?
I was at CVS today to buy cigarettes, and I thought it might be nice to walk down the Valentine isle to see if I could find something for Lauren or Sara.
Toward the end I saw a row of prayer candles. I LOVE prayer candles. I have quite a few. So I picked it up to see what it was about.

"San Ramon" - one I had never seen. Even better.

So I flipped the candle over to read the prayer on the back :

Prayer to Saint

Glorious Saint Raymond, venerate
protector of the angels that come to
this world: Guard of the souls that
through the maternal lap come to this valley
of tears. I commit myself to
your perfect and divine kindness. Kneeling at your
feet I come to beg your
protection and help with this painful time
that I must suffer
in this my existence. Amen. (Make your petition)

I just want to know whose idea it was to put the horrible thing on the Valentine isle. Sure it has red and pink on it but come on, "help with this painful time that I must suffer in this my existence?" That is enough to make me want to lock my self in my room until Feb. 15th. SO I bought it. How was I going to pass up a sick and twisted, horribly placed prayer candle? So thank you Reed Candle Co. from San Antonio, TX, for having created this candle in 1975, and re-releasing it in 2002 so that I might discover it in the CVS in 2006.


captn said...

Among the "single", two things have a higher incidence between Christmas and Valentine's Day than at any other time of the year:
ill fated relationships initiated with someone you might not otherwise consider out of a desperate need to be with anyone rather than be alone, and suicide...(the former being,arguably, a slower and more painful form of the latter).
So, the candle is not so inappropriately out of place as it my seem (in an ironic sort of way)..........and however facetiously offered......hiding out 'til the 15th of february may just be an expression of wisdom beyond your years.

Madge said...

YES. That candle sounds fab.u.lous.

Also, I'm at the phase of the high school married friends that are going through divorce.

corley said...

I have predicted the divorces, I just have a couple of years before they are all initiated, and I look like a psychic genius.