December 28, 2005

This May Be More Humbling Than I Thought

Last night I went to eat with a friend who has a nice little duplex off Far West. Last Summer he went on a road trip to look at the grad schools he is applying to, he's training for a bike ride to Alaska from Austin, and doing research for UT. He graduates in May.

I sounded a lot more accomplished when I was a Junior at UT and we had just purchased a home. Now I am unemployed, live with my father and a Junior at UT. The worst part? I made some glaring grammatical errors, that I was able to make fun of myself for, because I heard them too as soon as they escaped my lips, but I study English for cryin' out loud! The best I had to offer in conversation? The differences between lunch and dinner service at a place like Breadwinner's or Hyde Park Grill, and Equitation. Which I definitely spoke too much about. (I did this same think to my mother a few weeks ago on the topic of saddles. These people don't give a damn really, they were just being nice to bring it up.)

And then there was the topic of Ex #1. Honestly, it is hard not to talk about the person you spent the last year living and working with. REALLY HARD. I failed at this as well. If it had just been a girlfriend I was talking to it would have been one thing, but he is not like one of my girlfriends. Our friendship is much less intimate. He doesn't need to be bothered with stuff like that.

We finished dinner and drove back to his house and had an awkward moment at the driveway. So I thanked him for dinner, gave him a hug, and told him I'd buy next time. I got in my car to drive home feeling like a total loser.


Emily said...

Hey, did I ever show up for that beer?

corley said...

No, you did not. So much for time travel. Maybe so much for your memory too. We'll try the experiment again some time.