December 24, 2005

Calling All Normal Men

Gas station attendants have a thing for me. The past two times I have purchased cigarettes I have been hit on by the guy at the counter. First guy was looking at my various forms of ID (I have a temp license, so I have to pull out a few photo IDs), and I said, "The UTD ID looks a lot better than the UT ID." He replies, "Nah, you look great in person." Tonight the guy gave me the wrong cigarettes and when I pointed that out he said, "Well, when a beautiful woman is around men don't think right." Then he asked if I was "a single or a double" and that took a second to figure out. He told me when he works and introduced himself.

Now could a normal guy please act the same way? How about some guy grocery shopping? Or some nice looking boy at a quiet bar? Maybe a waiter at a restaurant I am eating at?

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