October 24, 2005

Three Weeks Go By..

October 3rd Faux Pas ran in to something in the pasture. Something that was sharper than he is apparently, because it sliced a 5 inch long cut on his shoulder that gaped open. Stitches, penicillin shots (that I administered) and three weeks later he is almost healed. Ex. #1 started a new job today, there has been lots of drama here, and I've thought longingly about Austin and the possibility of returning.

And the rats. We all put out poison for the rats at the farm and since I have found a dead one in Faux Pas's stall each morning. One morning I found a baby rat so newborn that his eyes weren't even open. I thought about taking him home, to nurse back to health ( I don't hate them so much, it is just that they eat food that I have purchased to feed my horse. This one was too young to have participated in that.) But while I considered it he died, apparently the poison had gotten to him too. I hate how often animals dies in front of me.

Maybe I'll post more soon if things calm down.

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