October 31, 2005

Who Knows...

Today I went to a store to buy cigarettes.

"... And can I get a pack of Camel Lights in a box, too?" I did my normal ID flash.
"No, 'mam."
"- Why not?" I brought my ID back out.
"They're bad for you."
I looked down at my other purchases - a 16 oz energy drink and a package of cherry sours. "Yeah? Well, so is caffeine and so is sugar."
"I guess we're all just trying to kill ourselves then." He said this thoughtfully, and even though it is something I hear my co-workers say regularly, the way he said it was attractive.
"Yeah, eventually. Thank you for the cigarettes."

I got into my car and I was thinking how strange it was that this was the first time anyone selling cigarettes had ever said anything like that to me. It is sort of like the current birth control scandal, isn't it? What would happen to convenience store clerks if they started refusing to sell cigarettes and alcohol? They would get fired. How would pro-life smokers (I assume that there must be some out there, it seems unlikely that moral people would be able to resist all sins and temptations) like it if suddenly they were refused sales by people who didn't believe in smoking, or believed that it was immoral to poison yourself, and so they wouldn't assist you in doing so.

It made me laugh to think of the up roar that would occur.


Madge said...

I randomly stumbled across your blog, and I'm crossing your fingers you post again soon. This blog is great! Hope you don't mind if I stick around!

corley said...

I wish someone would. Where did all of those Austinites go?