May 24, 2005


The GM at the restaurant is buying a house, so is another friend of mine. Apparently we had a good idea. Here's what sucks. Remember that whole "it's too good to be true?" It's not quite that bad, but close. The lender called to say that we wouldn't be able to close on the specified day (today), but sometime this week. After we've been pre-approved, and then they had more than 45 days, I don't see what the problem could possibly be. Ex. #1 is pessimistic and tends to react to things faster than they are happening (four years has taught me how to avoid this in most cases), but he is very stressed out about the house, and about work and is looking for another job at the worst possible time. I am confident that he can find one, but I'd like for him to just hang out where he is and chill until this stress is gone, and then see what everything is like. There is a small chance we will still close today, I have my fingers crossed.

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