May 25, 2005

Spoiled Americans

My father is working in Italy and sent out this e-mail:

Hello friends .... I was just thinking of somethings I am missing and thought I would share them with everyone :-)

good cold safe glass of milk --

Whataburger -- some recipients will not understand this ... but if you come to Texas I will introduce you to it!

Starbucks --

A 2 inch thick Rib Eye --

Dairy base salad dressing -- what i would do for some bleu cheese dressing!



Jalapeno peppers

Tortillas - real tortillas ....

Fig Newtons

The Packhorse restaraunt in Saratoga Springs ....

-- Ted

So his friend working in Israel replied:

I would kill for a Breakfast Taco here in Israel. Heck a Taco Bellwould be great. Drive thru fast food does not exist. Where are theATM's? We truly are spoiled Americans.

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