May 19, 2005

We are moving in nine days and we haven't started packing. My main excuse is that the trash with packaging from the fish we had Monday night for dinner is sitting out there in the garage with the boxes, but honestly I'm still afraid that something won't work out. It just seems too good to be true. I have the same reaction everyone else does, "You're buying a house?"

At the same time I am hoping that a new location gives me a chance to be a new person, part of the healthier person I was before, part of what I have always aimed to be. I want to feel healthier, be less toxic. Ex. #1 is talking about quitting smoking again. He has done some research and realizes he will have to change a lot to be successful. The new house is full of chemicals. Every room had a commercial air freshener, vents opened as wide as possible, so strong I had headaches after five minutes each time we went to look at it. The first thing I am going to do is open all of the windows. I am going to use up the last of my conventional cleaners on the apartment and switch over to less toxic ones for the new house. Maybe if I can get that part of my life in line the rest will follow suit.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! It's always nice to use a new place to get a fresh start. I have a really good book of nontoxic cleaning recipes if you want to check it out when you're back in Austin. Air fresheners are the most disgusting things in the world.
PS We're closing on the house we found in less than a week!