January 27, 2005

What Happened After I Left Austin?

The night of Tuesday the 18th was simple. All I had to do was go to class, meet Ex. #1 and his parents for dinner, and go to a meeting at work at 10pm:

The first two go off without a hitch; However, when I get home I find my two dogs at the foot of the stairs, instead of in our room where we leave them, in a puddle of piss and blood. I call work and explain why I won't be able to make it and then rush my girls off to the emergency vet. I get home hours later at 2 am and begin the antibiotic regimine for Mildred, whose eyelid is torn up, and who has a puncture would so massive I could fit part of my pinikie inside of it. I skip school the next day to watch Millie and then go to work after Ex. #1 gets home. While at work I find out that I am suspended from my next two shifts for missing the meeting. Come home from work sad broke and full of PMS rage to have Ex. #1 tell me that Emma has gone after Millie again, and that if she keeps it up we'll have to do something. AND CRY - A LOT.

Things have gotten better since. Sara is out of the hospital, she's even gone to school twice.

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Anonymous said...

Corley, I am so, so sorry. If you need some one to watch Millie for a while I have a nice apartment and that dog park across the street and would be happy to help you out the way you once helped me with The Baron.