August 26, 2010

Where I have been:

I exist!

I recently applied for, and was hired into, a new senior claims rep position at work. I am part of a pilot program, and they told us that there was really no way to know what to expect volume-wise when it came to the number of claims we would receive.

What an understatement!

I have been working twelve hour days, and it isn't like I have been completing all of my work at the end of that day; I draw the line at twelve hours. I am handling 3rd party claims, which means that I have to contact at least two parties, more if a vehicle is owned by someone else or there are any passengers. I don't have to deal with injury or any accidents involving more than two parties, but just stop and think about how many people might be in one vehicle... that is a lot of phone calls.

I really like it! I get to do a lot of sleuthing to determine who owns a vehicle and if they have any insurance. However, I am looking forward to things slowing down some in October when they hire more people into the role. Right now there is no limit to how many claims we may be assigned each day, which has resulted in some really, really long days. I am looking forward to a time where they only assign 5-7 claims a day, and I am actually in the office from eight to five. Until then, I am enjoying the overtime on my checks.

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jes said...

so glad you exist!! Now we need to find out if me and LK exist! We know MP doesn't, dickface.