August 4, 2010

If you hate lovers who are in love skip this

Mr. A and I are getting married in about 2 months. We are down to the wire.

Last night when we were both sitting on the couch, I looked over at him. We'd both been doing our own thing. I was half amused by a rerun of a TV show I'd already seen, and he was designing a freelance ad. When I caught his eye I announced, "We are getting married in two months." "I know," and the way he said almost sounded like trepidation. "Isn't it AWESOME?!" I asked. "Yeah..." he pulled his attention away from the computer, considered it, "it is." I could tell he meant it, and we both grinned stupidly. It felt like something warm and wonderful had burst in my chest and spread through my veins.

I am so fucking excited about marrying him.

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Anonymous said...

I miss feeling that way.