July 27, 2010

That day that the humidity was 93%? I wore glasses. DUMB MOVE. I spent half of my day waiting for my glasses to de-fog. Today I am wearing contacts, and the humidity is 94%, but at least there is something like an 80% chance for rain.

I just recently got a promotion (I am now a senior claims rep- already!). Today was the first day of training for the position and I lost my badge to get into the building. I had to walk into the training room, with the five most-senior managers in it, giving a congratulatory speech, ten minutes late since our building is about a quarter mile long and I had to get a temporary badge. I haven't been so mortified since high school that one time I had a period mis-hap midday and didn't have any way to get home to address it. For the record, I was not trying to bring back the grunge fashion aesthetic.

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