June 21, 2010

26 things about my birthday weekend

1. Thursday is when the festivities actually began. My mom came up to work and had lunch with me in the cafeteria. Fancy, I know.
2. I got my birthday gift from my mom at lunch. Two cute sleeveless tops. The big gift is the fact that she is going to help pay for a car repair I have coming up.
3. That night I got my gift from Mr. A: An iPad!
4. The iPad was actually from Mr. A, my dad, and step-mom.
5. iPads are awesome.
6. They remembered my Birthday at work on Friday!
7. When I got home from work on Friday Mr. A had decorated the house with balloons.
8. Sara T, Philip, and LK came over and we grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, okra, tomatoes, corn, pineapple and a jalapeno.
9. Sara T. also brought cupcakes and some cookie cake. Delish!
10. LK gave me an iTunes gift card for apps and a case for my iPad.
11. Saturday morning I went to Boggy Creek Farm with my Grandfather, Poppy.
12. He bought my veggies for me. Tomatoes (yellow), potatoes, my favorite mixed greens, we split a melon, and some sauerkraut.
13. Straight From The Vine traditional Sauerkraut is the best sauerkraut in the whole wide world.
14. After shopping we stopped by Jalapeno Joe's for breakfast tacos. I got two migas tacos, he got two potato, egg and sausage. We each got a coffee. The total was $8.50. The tacos were enormous! It was such a deal!
15. After breakfast we went back to my grandparents house, and my grandmother took birthday photos of me with Poppy. I was wearing a hat because I had dirty hair.
16. After that Andy, my grandmother, and I made a video about some handmade Thai silk suits she has that are being given to various people.
17. I finally went home.
18. Casey was out helping Jes and Cory move, so I ate leftovers for lunch and watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist on my iPad.
19. Our whole family went to dinner together at Hoover's to stand in for the fact that we were not going on the family beach trip this year.
20. We went back to my Grandparent's house for sundaes and to play a couple of trivia games later. Casey and I were first or second each time, which means we won a little money. About $20.
21. I stayed the night at my grandparents with my sister and cousins.

22. They had a surprise bridal shower for me.
23. It was the first surprise party I've ever had.
24. My grandmother made me blush, talking about sex.
25. The next morning we had doughnuts and went swimming.
26. I went to target and picked up a purple multi-patterned dress, yellow flats, and a straw cloche.

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Anonymous said...

Donuts and swimming sounds like something too good to be legal.