April 2, 2010

I told my dad I would give Emma a bath and clip her nails before I took her to his house for the weekend. She was in the tub at 7:30 this morning, unhappy. This is where Emma and I differ on routine. The first thing I do in the morning (except today) is get in the shower. I don't need coffee to get going, I need hot water. Emma DOES NOT want to start her day off with a bath. I probably ruined her whole weekend with this. Did I fulfill my promise, though? You betcha. Her nails are cut and filed, she smells like Dove body wash, and she's seething in the living room.

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Korey said...

RJ won't let us clip his nails. He tries to bite you if you come anywhere near him with the clippers. They really need to be trimmed though. We may have to sedate him to do it.