April 6, 2010

Cafeteria fail: "Hummus Sandwich" - adding hummus, a leaf of lettuce and a half slice of tomato to a sandwich roll does not make a good sandwich. Also, $3.89 is a ridiculous price. Needs work.

Work success: I got the claims position I applied for. I start 4/26, and for the first 9 weeks I do not have to work weekends. Sweet!


Em said...

Man, not even a slice of cheese on that sandwich? Definite fail.

And congratulations on the promotion! I hope your new position rocks!

Sam said...

Eesh the idea of a hummus sandwich makes me feel barfy.

That is not a good texture for a sandwich spread.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job!

--It sounds like you needed some falafel up in that sandwich.

The Q said...

Hummus on a sandwich is OK, Thundercloud Subs does a great job with it. The hummus at is too Lemony to be applied in such a concentration.