April 2, 2010

I applied for a new position at work, and interviewed yesterday. It was a little nerve-wrecking. They use the STAR interview method, asking about a specific situation, the task it required, the action I took, and the result. I take 20-30 calls a day. Most of them contain conflict, or information that is difficult to convey or explain (i.e. "I know your Grandmother who lives with you is 90, bedridden, and not driving, but since she is family household member I have to list her on the quote. I can exclude her from the policy so that she doesn't affect your rate as a driver, though." Funny story, people don't like sharing info about people they feel should not have anything to do with their policy.). No one told me when I started this job that I would want to be taking notes on my difficult calls, and taking note of specific accomplishments. The interview was hard, but I am hopeful. It would be nice to get out of sales and into claims. I would feel so much more productive.

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