March 4, 2010

Getting Going

Each day I think, "If I could just get up a little earlier, I could get so much more done." I am no where near a bed when I think this. Beds change everything. Don't f-up my scheduled 9 hours of sleep.

Things I could do If I'd get up at 7:00 instead of 8:00:
- a load of laundry
-make breakfast
- dishes
- sun salutations
- walk the dog
- water the plants
- choose one: sweep, mop, vacuum
- a mix of a couple of the above

OR I could get up and go straight to work with a change of clothes, and work out, shower and get ready there.
Today my alarm went off at 7:00 am and I laid in bed listening to Mr. A's morning routine play out for half an hour, thinking of what I could do, but I would probably be in his way, so I stayed in bed.
My goal for March is to have one whole week where I get up one hour early on work days, and accomplish one thing.
Today I got up half an hour early, and I accomplished a few things:
I made the bed - the best way to keep yourself from getting back into is to make it.
I started a load of laundry.
I washed SOME dishes, but not all of them.

At 8:45, when I left for work, I felt good about what I had accomplished. Then some jerk who wouldn't go the speed limit drove in front of me in a way that made it impossible to get around him all of the way to work and ruined it.

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