February 24, 2010

My PMS starts earlier and earlier each month, it seems. I should have two weeks to go, but I am already a few days into emotional hell. This morning I cried at the poem on The Writer's Almanac, and a commercial - I can't even tell you what it was for. I do remember that it said something like, "fighting cancer means celebrating more birthdays," but what made me tear up was an old woman who looked really surprised and delighted when a waiter put a birthday cake full of candles in front of her.

What about birthdays is sad?
The other day Mr. A asked me what I was so angry about, and I was all, "I need a reason to be angry?" Yes, when interacting with other people I need to chill the fuck out.


Lauren said...

When I am with one person all my rage is focused towards them. If with two or more it seems to disperse quite nicely and I'm not angry. The properties of hormonal anger are very strange.

MP said...

Good lord, that does not sound like fun.