March 5, 2010


Today, again I woke up at 7:00 am, and laid in bed. This time I wrote and email and checked that the internets were still intact.

I rolled out of bed at 7:30 with the best intentions, but somewhere things went amiss. Maybe it was when I decided it was a good day to shave my legs, wear a dress, or when I put on make-up. All I know is that the next time I loooked at the clock is was 8:30, and almost time to go. I guess I did accomplish something. My legs are smooth and moisturized (I love, love, love the smell of Burt's Bee's macadamia nut body butter), and my eyes stand out.


Em said...

Hey, shaved legs, a dress AND makeup? Sounds like an accomplishment to me!

The Q said...

Em, every time I see you, you look very well put together. So maybe I'm assuming that this would be a regular morning routine for you? You shoe collection suggests it is so.