February 22, 2010

So I have a food blog? Lately it feels that way, sorry. I have been cooking a lot in the absence of many plants to care for. We're also trying to eat out less, which calls for more activity in the kitchen.
I have been filling my time with a bi-weekly yoga class, trying to wait patiently on the garden. This weekend I noticed that my carrots and swiss chard have sprouted, and that a cat made a toilet of my garlic chives. The good and the bad, I'll live with both. I have started tomato seedlings, pepper seedlings, and I am hoping soon I'll have eggplant seedlings, too. Casey and I are considering building more raised beds now that we have one less tree in the yard. I have to figure out where to plant all of these veggies. Maybe this will be the year I'll spend less on gardening than I save on produce?
Yesterday we took LK out to her dad's house to pick up her car. Her dad keeps chickens, ducks, and a peacock. Her step-mother's parents live across the street and have THE MOST AMAZING greenhouse and garden ever. I am so jealous. They have one bed the size of our side lot. There are some disadvantages for them: I have to deal with cat crap, they have to deal with fence-jumping deer. I'll take cat crap any day, thank you.
I still desperately want to have chickens, but I am not so sure that the new neighbors would be cool with it, and I'm not sure about the landlord, either. Casey found a really nice free plan for a hen house online. I am torn. We would REALLY need to put up a fence. Back and forth, back and forth. In April the two books I want so badly will be shipped to my house, courtesy of my loving future husband. I have been crabby lately, and still it seems my wish is his command. I am so lucky, and I really need to get out of this funk so that he feels like he is lucky, too - rather than burdened.


Korey said...

There's a house nearby me with chickens and a peacock. I wonder if it's the same one? I don't remember seeing ducks though.

The Q said...

Her dad live out past Elgin - you are not that far out, are you? Also, you cannot see these birds from the dirt road.

Korey said...

Yeah, definitely wasn't the same one. This house is close to where Crystal used to live. It's in a residential area, and they just chickens run wild on their property.