January 23, 2010


This weekend much is going on:
- Tonight we are going to the McNeel's new digs for a party after Mr. A helps them move.
- Tomorrow we are going to meet Keiran McKinstry and Mr. A's going to give Jes and Cory the maternity photos.
- We have to have these people stop by to pick up something that was mis-shipped to our house. Their address is nothing like ours - I don't know why the person shipping it sent it to us. Also, I hope it wasn't perishable. On the bright side, they are like celebrities to me. They've been on Central Texas Gardener!
- I have to see Faux Pas.
- I have to plant!
- I have to clean up after the mess I made when I cleaned up last week.
- I have to take Christmas to storage and Mr. A has to take down the lights (he promised!).
- I have a lunch date on Monday with an old teacher / friend of mine. She helped me become a vegetarian, and first got me interested in Yoga back in 7th grade. I am riding my bike to lunch, weather permitting. I am SO looking forward to it - I miss my bike.
- I have to take my truck back to the shop on Monday because my check engine light came on again within a week of getting it fixed.

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