January 18, 2010

Doing New Things

I hate going new places. I hate not knowing what to expect. Actually, to be honest, I am filled with SO MUCH ANXIETY when it comes to going to a strange place, or doing something different that if I am doing something new or going someplace new with someone else I make them go first. I guess my feeling is that any bad, unexpected thing will happen to them, and then I'll know how to deal with it. I am working on it! Monday I went to a coffee shop I've never been to and had breakfast while I worked on something on my life list that is also new and unexpected. After that, I went to Yoga Yoga and signed up for the beginner's series to get a really good foundation on my practice. I also think it would be good for me to meet other people who enjoy Yoga (unlike Jessica - love you Jessica!), so that I can quit bugging Mr. A by talking about it. I was so pleased with myself for putting myself into two situations in one day where I did not know what to expect - and I didn't fall apart!
The new life list items? I figured out what I want to do with my life! I want to have my own business - a landscape design company with a focus on sustainable gardening and edible landscaping. To achieve that I am going to get a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from UT. I am very far off from completing any of this. First, I'll have to take classes to get a handle on my GPA, and take the GRE. I have plenty of friends who have taken it before, so I know I have fantastic resources. I am nervous and SO EXCITED (and really nervous).


madge said...

Re: going new places - I am so the same!

Congrats on figuring it all out! Sounds like a lovely way to spend your working days.

Anonymous said...

The sacrificial lamb technique...I do that at crosswalks/intersections- because I always imagine somebody running the red light and blowing through the crowd.

Two, congratulations on the new direction.

Lauren said...

I think it's human nature. You just don't want to go places you haven't been. I think we are made to be anxious about. That is how early man survived.