January 28, 2010

I got a Flip!

I won this in a raffle at work. I am looking forward to documenting things like the shack we live in and what weekends are like; what my garden looks like and how my animals act. I want to take some pressure off of my memory. It has a hard enough time as it is. I want to be able to one day remember what it was like to be young, poor, and jovial; to have images of myself and Casey before bad things happen to us and age us.
Soon you'll get to see Faux Pas and Emma in all of their digital video glory, and it'll be like you have lived in the Love Shack, too. Only, it will be a cleaner version of the Love Shack, because I am not putting a dirty house on the Internet.


Lauren said...

Look at you all optimistic that you won't be
"poor and jovial" your whole life.

Ted Tullos said...

wow, that is cool! I want one now.