January 8, 2010

Adding to Life List:

Original list.
12. Have a greywater system in our home.
13. Have rainwater collection barrels.
14. Use Edible landscaping.
Greywater Definition.
Edible Landscaping.

I need to learn more first, but smart water usage is important to me and I am also planning to have rain barrels for collection. We'll just have to learn how to imcorporate this into our plan. It'll be great: we'll have the only green lawn in Texas during August water rationing because of how many dishes we wash, or how much laundry we do. I'll mix it into my edible landscaping plan, which I would like to use on the street side of our dream home. The back yard will contain something more structured and traditional garden like. If I can manage to learn enough, my dream job is to build sustainable-home projects like this for other people. I just have SO MUCH to learn about plants, soil, water collection, keeping "livestock" in an urban setting (like chickens - Mr. A and I already have names picked out. The hens will all be named after behedded women in history) and plumbing.


Sam said...

Have you read Food Not Lawns? It was helpful when we started to try and do more edible landscaping.

The Q said...

I haven't/ I'll have to add it to my list of books for my list. Right next to Guerilla Greywater Girls Guide to Water (http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/title/1170/). Thank you!