January 9, 2010

Photos Photots Photos

So Mr. A and I are currently having a little too much photo fun. He got a bunch of camera stuff for Christmas, including the Zumi digital that I gave him. I got a couple of "toy cameras" for Christmas, The Ultra Wide and Slim, and the Golden Half. The Golden half actually came in the mail yesterday. It takes pictures like this. I am so excited to use up this roll of film, and I have some pictures in mind already. I am afraid that I will forget to remove the lens cap, though. We'll see. Hopefully I'll have new pictures up tomorrow.
While Casey and I were in Burleson last weekend I bought him a Brownie Baby Special. He shot his first photos on it yesterday (we had to wait for the film to come in) and is taking the film to be developed today. I am so curious to see how those pictures turn out! He bought himself a Polaroid 600 Land Camera that day, though we don't have any film for it yet. Right now I am missing how inexpensive digital photos are. Film is fun, but pricey!

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