January 8, 2010

Every job has them - that one really stupid person you can't stand. When I started this blog it was the security guard, at the dealership it was a woman named Debbie. Every one I've ever encountered was overweight. They all have low self esteem and an intense need for love and approval. They suck the fun out of life because they are constantly sharing too much information with you about their health problems that would probably start to dissipate if they could take off some weight. The women also constantly talk about losing weight, but never do anything to achieve it. They tell you about dieting while they eat Bill Miller and drink Dr. Pepper.
I moved desks recently, and now I am sitting near a new one. I have a tiny moss terrarium on my desk. Yesterday she asked what was in it. After I told her she said, "Oh, I though it was one of those bug eating plants." Really? Maybe she's never seen one. Also, why would I need a plant like that in a cube-farm? We don't have bugs. I am not excited.

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what's with the over-sharers? seriously.