August 9, 2009

Searching, searching, but to no avail.

 It seems that any time I search for something on I don't find what  am looking for. For example, six or seven years ago, I was driving to Austin from Dallas early one morning, it was probably eight or nine in the morning, and one of the weekend shows was on. They featured a band who started out songs with historical sound-bites. The song that followed was about that event. Since I was driving, I couldn't write down the name of the band, but at the time I thought, "My brother (who got a degree in History, and now teaches) would love this!" Time passed, and I forgot to look it up that weekend. About four years ago I started looking for it again, periodically. At this point I am starting to think that I dreamed it up.
 Second example, just over a month ago I read an excerpt from a young adult novel that was featured. I didn't write down the name, and I forgot to e-mail it to myself (which I normally do these days). Yesterday I went looking for it and found no evidence it ever existed.
 Finally, today I wanted to write a post about how my sleep problems affect my daily routine and household (I know, how dullishly domestic), I remember hearing a story a couple of years ago about a woman with narcolepsy who would fall asleep on her way to work while coming to a stop at a red light. She went on to talk about how it affects her family, and I was going to quote it here, because I identified with it, but - no such luck. Unlucky for NPR, they offered to let me take a survey after spending time on their website today, and I let them know just how I feel.

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madge said...

this made the librarian in me sit at attention!

i did a *brief* search on a database that includes npr transcripts. using general keywords, i just came up with a belle & sebastian interview: not it. what more can you remember? a certain historical event they used, perhaps?

and about the YA novel, what can you remember about it?

my name is madge, and i find things.