August 9, 2009


 This week I only lost one pound. I was hoping for two, but one will do. The main difference is that this week I noticed that I had lost weight. Not only with the pants I bought, but I was also able to fit in to a pair of jeans I haven't worn since last fall, and they looked good on me (they didn't last fall). I have been tracking my measurements, and today I found that my natural waist (which is no where near where I wear my pants) is an inch smaller. I measured three times, I have the right number, I cannot be sure my first measurement three weeks ago was accurate, but holy crap! I am ecstatic and motivated to make this week better than last (I really pushed it last week, I am lucky I lost anything). Things keep going like this and I'll be wearing my yellow skirt at Thanksgiving!

Also, I have a new-to-me laptop with a funky keyboard. Please forgive any inappropriate punctuation. I am trying to catch it all, but some slips by.

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