August 5, 2009

 I am currently trying to work up the motivation to do yard work, even though it is 4 pm, and about 101 degrees outside. My idea is that the sweating will be good for me as long as I hydrate. Plus, I'd like to get some stuff done today.

 Good news! I bought a pair of size 12 jeans today (that is down a size from the last pair I bought). They were also not the only pair of that size that fit, so I am cautiously optimistic. Optimistic enough that I couldn't justify buying a pair of $60 jeans in a 14 that were only a little loose, out of the fear that they wouldn't fit at all in a month or two. I've officially lost 10 lbs - that is a quarter inch off of my bust, thighs and hips, and a little off of my arms. I'm extremely happy so far.


Ellie said...

Congratulations! Ten pounds is huge. I am not doing so well. I don't exercise in this heat. Oh. Remember Tracey? She had a baby! And she's back on her blog.

Ted Tullos said...

I am very proud of you! 10 lbs is a lot :-)

Corley said...

Finally! Ellie, thank you for telling me! I'm going to read about it now.