August 17, 2009

 I love having Lauren so close. We get to do so much silly stuff. Yesterday We dyed our hair. A section of mine is now "Atomic Turquoise," and all of Lauren's is blue. 

 We welcomed Nick back on Saturday, and I think that I can be a little more understanding of his relationship with Casey now that I've had Lauren so close. I'm sure there will still be the occasional frustration of wanting JUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES OF ALONE TIME WITH MY MAN, but I think it will be much better.
 Speaking of my man, he now refers to me as his wife. Most of the time it is in jest, around friends: "How dare you speak so candidly to my wife!" was said to Michael Paul yesterday. It makes me laugh, and I think it's kinda sweet that he'd adopt the term a year before we're actually "man and wife" (which is an insulting phrase actually).
 Took the day off of work - I am going to enjoy it!

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