August 12, 2009

Forget Tomorrow, Let's Talk About Today!

 Lauren and I will be making Pickled Strawberries from the most recent ReadyMade Magazine, we are going to The Flower Bucket, Wanderlust, and the beauty school near our house to have $5 manicures. 

 I wish it wasn't so hot, because I need to go to see Faux Pas, as well. Casey used to make fun of me for calling it "the horse farm," but recently the stable hands added chickens and goats, so I can call it a farm all I want.
 If I'd already been paid, I'd go to Home Depot today to look into further sealing up and insulating our house. Our electricity bill for our 7oo sqft house was $212 last month, and I think that is a bit absurd, 103 degrees or not.

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Korey said...

Hey, so I just now realized that since I'm on Gmail, I can now reply to your blog. Actually, I suppose I've been able to for several months. How slow am I?