August 3, 2009


 That is the theme!

 My parents met Casey's this weekend, and it went really well. Mothers gushed about how perfect we are for each other, fathers talked about gambling. 
 Later, Casey's dad told me that the reason I look like my mother is because we look at people the same way when we talk to them. That is the best "you look so much like your mother" argument I've heard yet.
 Earlier tonight Casey asked me if I'd still love him if he were bald (yes!) and I was thinking that it would be weird if I woke up one day to a bald Casey. That is not the way it would happen though, the baldness he is talking about. This made me think of the time when I was in kindergarten, that my dad picked me up from school. I remember looking and looking for him, and then this man walked up to me. My dad had shaved his head that day, and I did not recognize him, and then realizing it WAS him made me cry. Thinking of that made me think of another time I stood in my parent's bathroom and watched my father shave off his mustache. I remember asking him what he would tell everyone at work the next day - would they notice? He told me he would tell them all it had blown off in a strong gust of wind, and I half believed him.

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