July 21, 2009

I have started making a move toward Vegan. Yesterday I ate only Vegan meals, but most days I am trying to eat Vegan until dinner time, to keep things the simple for Casey. I have found that it can be very difficult. For example, my FAVORITE almonds, Blue Diamond Salt and Vinegar almonds, contain lactose. What? Why? Add about another 15 instances of "What? Why?" moments to the last few days. So far I have purchased soy yogurt, rice dream ice cream, and "whipped buttery spread" and have been pleasantly surprised. Tomorrow I will be going grocery shopping to see what else I can pick up.

As for more permanent changes to my diet, I am going to be strict with myself again. No more "fish is convenient" rationale, since I am reading labels closely, no more gelatin. No more compromises.
On Sunday I joined Weight Watchers online, and revising my diet has made it pretty easy. I haven't figured out yet if my soy yogurt counts as one of the dairy boxes I am supposed to check off, but otherwise, having a vegetable based diet gives me SO much room. I don't have to worry about my protein taking up too many points. Hopefully this works for me. I've never been very good about tracking food, but my solo efforts have not been working, and I seem to continuously gain weight. I would really like to fit back into my yellow and white skirt, and when I do, you can expect to see pictures. I will look awesome, and you will be wowed by the awesomeness of the skirt. I'd also like to wear the blue dress Tracy bought me last summer, and I wouldn't be so upset if my boobs got a little smaller. Casey might be a little sad, but they are starting to get out of control.
My first goal is to lose 9 lbs. After that I'll have about 25 lbs to lose. Here we go! I hope to do it by Christmas.

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jes said...

The soy yogurt does count as a dairy product :)

at least soy milk counted when I did WW.