April 29, 2009

Don't read this, it is boring.

 Today nothing was done. 

 I threw stuff away in the spare room, but somehow it is even more disheveled than before, there seems to be even less room.
 We went to buy ladybugs for the aphid problem, but the two places we checked didn't have any. Home Depot says that they are only available online, Eco-Wise wouldn't pick up their phone, and I just didn't feel like braving South Congress to find out if they had any. I cut off the broccoli that looked the worst and threw it in the compost.
 We went to the grocery store, that is an accomplishment, and while we were there I saw a previous professor. She was on the phone, so I didn't talk to her, though I know that she recognized me. As I turned into the beer and wine section I saw her staring at me. Hopefully she had as much trouble remembering my name as I had remembering hers: Michelle. It took me an hour to figure that out.
 I just have to tell you - I HATE my schedule. Have two non-consecutive days off is terrible. One of two things happens. I spend the day trying to be really productive (that is what today was I was trying, it just doesn't seem like I succeeded) or I do nothing, and they day off seems wasted. I need two days in a row - one to get things done, and one to relax, or be hung-over, I don't care which. This maybe the least stressful job I have ever had, but it isn't feeling like that. I wake up each day dreading going into work. As much as I have hated previous jobs, it has never felt this way. Part of it may be because Casey isn't working right now, and that makes every day like working on a Saturday, but I just never get anything done. I hate it (I wanted to type that in all caps). I am trying to change my schedule, but it hasn't worked yet. I should have gotten a doctors note the last time I went to the sleep doctor, but it felt like I would be cheating.  I know I am not the only one who wants a switch. Maybe I'll get one in July. 


Ted Tullos said...

Hang in there on the job honey; you will get a better schedule as you become more senior. Remember life has its ups and downs ... if we didn't have those times that are not so pleasant we would not be able to recognize those times that are pleasant!

- love you dear


Ellie said...

1. My mother used to mix something called Fels-Naptha soap with water and spray it on aphid-infested things. Ladybugs have a bad habit of flying away sometimes.
2. I just got back from 2 weeks of out of town which is why you have heard nothing from me. If you want to sacrifice an evening of one of your non-consecutive days I would love to catch up!