April 27, 2009


 Well, we had broccoli, then we had aphid, and now we have pitiful looking broccoli, plastered with aphids. We are getting Ladybugs tomorrow, but I fear it is too late. Also, something is sucking the life from my lettuce, and I haven't figured out what it is yet, AND the one acorn squash that was growing really well fell off today, I thing it may have been bludgeoned by the storm that rolled through. I am a little disheartened by gardening today. It kinda makes me wish I wasn't so adamant about organics.

 Also, someone got into my truck and stole a bag that had my bridal books in it. Not that I'll call off the wedding over it, but they were given to me. Anyone have a spare copy of Organic Weddings, or The Anti-Bride Etiquette Book? How about Go Further, it was also in my bag. Also, if you see any dirty square tupperware around Austin, they are mine. Running shoes? A smelly sports bra? Also mine. Oh, wait, how about super comfy grey clearance rack yoga pants? I will miss them.
 Summary: today sucked.

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