May 6, 2009

"Bottle up and explode, over and over.." *

 It is like running in a hamster wheel! I tried so hard today to get off to the right start. I took my truck to the shop at 9 am to get an inspection and some work done. They told me it would take about two hours, which meant I would be able to do laundry and see the horse, which was all I really wanted to do. Instead, it took 6 hours, and all I managed to get done today (so far) was laundry and half of the dishes.

 I HAD written out a schedule of work for Faux Pas. I have come to the conclusion that the way to get him back up towards 100% soundness is to get him moving regularly. So I set up a schedule where he would work 3-4 times a week. Well, today didn't happen, and I had planned to go out tomorrow, too, but then a friend of ours said she needed to talk to us tomorrow, so I can't go out tomorrow, either, because I had to re-arrange the other plans I had for tomorrow night, post-ride. Now it looks like MAYBE I'll get out there Friday, and hopefully Sunday, but half of the work I had planned for him is gone this week. And, Sunday is Mother's Day.
 There is a part of me that wants to tell everyone, "I'm sorry, I'm booked for the next three days." I actually want to see some of them, though, so I don't.
 I just can't put a dent in anything. Housework, horse work, yard work, nothing.
*Bottle up and Explode is an Elliot Smith song.

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