March 21, 2009

I swear, I really do like our house.

I know, you have to play to win.

As long as a 'remodel' meant that I could add space. Space, Space, SPACE! Recently my "If I won the lottery..." idea has been to convince the landlord to let us buy the house and lot next door that is our yard. Then, we would re-level the house, repair all of the rotten siding, and add a "master suite" with REAL closets and our very own bathroom. After all of that, I would tear down the lean-to in the yard, and replace it with a garage with a washer and dryer, and then we'd hire someone with a bull dozer, or whatever it is, to scrape the top layer of dirt, rocks, weeds and broken glass off of our lot, lay day good dirt, build a fence and grow some grass. It would be amazing.
I love our house, and location, it just isn't large enough, level enough, or safe enough (BROKEN GLASS all over the yard), to make me totally happy.

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