March 21, 2009

You win some, you lose some.

Nail of Dog by TheGiantVermin

I have both a PediPaws, and some Space Bags.
The PediPaws, is not as awesome as it seems on TV. I thought it would be awesome for my dog who doesn't like having her nails clipped. For a large dog it does not work well as a substitute for clipping. It works well as a file after clipping, though. The most valuable part of the purchase was learning a good way to hold down my dog while I use traditional clippers.
Space Bags, on the other hand, ROCK! We have almost no closet space, so being able to shrink up linens and store them under the bed is amazing. I even went back to buy more. The only down fall is that if they catch on any part of the bed frame they tear easily.
I guess with both purchases it was too good of a promised turn out to pass up, though so far my success rate with too good to be true is only 50%.

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