October 15, 2008

 So, posting has not recently been a top priority, sorry. I had to study for my licensing test (now I am a licensed insurance agent), and I've been trying to go through and  unpack things. I'd say that things I've donated must make up about 1/10th of my local Goodwill's stock right now. It is tedious. We have the 2nd annual Pumpkin Party this weekend, and after that I have to start focusing on getting this house a little more efficient for winter. Our house is adorable - 90 years old and leaning in every direction, but couple that with original wood frame windows and you have lots of gaps for drafts. Plus, we have a funky back splash situation going on that I'd like to clear up for aesthetic reasons, AND there is the garden to plan, both for winter (KALE!) and  next spring.

So, please excuse me. I'm considering NaBloPoMo, but haven't yet decided either way.

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