September 30, 2008


 On Sunday we caught The Belleville Outfit, The Octopus Project, Gillain Welch, Neko Case and The Raconteurs. It was cloudless and hot, by far the least comfortable day. However, The Octopus project was the best show I saw all weekend. They had part of Austin High's band on stage with them - twice. They had SO much energy, and seemed thrilled to be there. And to think one of the people at "home base" (my friend Katie's house) had told me to skip them because they were local, ha! They were a huge part of the reason I wanted to be there at all!

 I would definitely go again, but I'll need to take Friday and Monday off of work, and I'll need to have some money. I am pretty broke right now, and food and beer is pretty expensive there, of course. I didn't have too much to drink this weekend, and thank God for that - the trek up hill to Katie's would have killed me.

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