September 8, 2008

So much to do, so little motivation

 Beyond the general moving in stuff that needs to be done I need to clean. If I were to somehow make all of the moving clutter disappear, the house would still be a mess. I am having a hard time letting this get to me. More than anything, I want to have someone else cook me a meal that is nothing like the things I've been eating the last few weeks, while I lay on the couch watching something entertaining on TV. After this miracle-meal, it would be unseasonable cool outside and I would go on a walk with Casey and Emma.

Instead, I will go inside and start on the bathroom, where I will likely sweat while I clean. If I am good, I will remember to get my mop back from Tracy, who lives down the street, and finish cleaning after dinner. Dinner will most likely be a left-over. It will not be cool tonight. I will dread even taking Emma out for her pre-bedtime potty break. 

Ironically, my mother called me today to triumphantly announce she has posted an item for sale on Craigslist. Go figure.

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