September 9, 2008

London Bridge has fallen down

 One of the couples Casey and I are closest with has broken up. This was not something I expected, and it is so hard to see a friend like that. I haven't really seen the male half of the couple since it happened. I only found out today, when my friend, who lives very near-by, showed up at the door crying so hard I thought one of her dogs must have died. After she stopped crying she sat on the couch nearly motionless and silent for over an hour. I know where she is, and there is nothing I can say to help her feel any better.

 I hate being helpless.

 In other Earth shaking, but not bad, news, Casey made dinner tonight, with my help. He can totally do it on his own, though, and will have to next time. He made a mostly vegan quiche that was delicious.
 And I didn't clean the bathroom after that last post, but did today. It included down on hands and knees scrubbing of the floor. I decided that for some reason I adore the smell or original scent ultra-concentrated Dawn dish soap.

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